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Welcome Home.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Progress Report

For the last month and a half I have been wondering when everything was going to come to a head with our new home.  By that, I mean, when would our cupboards come in, when would the plumbing get fixed, and when would I generally need to have my act together?  It appears that it was this week, and it came just as I was getting used to dodging the handle on the toolbox that kept gouging my leg each time I stumbled to the garage door as I was leaving for work.  

We received the call that our cabinets and countertops had arrived from the factory on Monday, so I anxiously sprung into action to see what our plumber and electrician had in mind for the next couple of weeks.  Our plumber, Chuck, showed up the next day to reevaluate our game plan.  He has pretty much finished with everything he can do until the cabinets are installed.  Our flooring installers were scheduled to start with underlayment next Tuesday.  Due to a cancellation, they showed up yesterday!  Tim and I frantically worked into the night on Wednesday to get the subfloor prepped and get all of the tools out of the way so they could do their job with little obstruction.  This entailed removing the existing floor boards, vent covers, toilets, and other miscellaneous things that were in the way.  Without hesitation, Tim pushed the old dishwasher and disposal line through the existing hole in the kitchen floor because those will now be in a different location.  As soon as he did it, I heard the sound of rushing water, and I saw him put his eye up to the hole in the floor to see what was happening in the basement below.  This was followed by an expletive and a dash down the basement steps.  Neither one of us even considered that the line would contain some of the stagnant water that didn't drain when it was unhooked. There it sat in a black puddle on our orange, black and gold carpet which has lovingly been deemed our "tiger" carpet.  The horrible smelling concoction managed to also splatter into two pairs of my shoes, one of the cushions on our brand new folding chair set and a basket of dirty clothes (thank goodness they weren't washed and folded already!)  Considering it was already late in the evening, it was not the type of mess (or smell) that either one of us wanted to deal with.  I immediately grabbed some paper towels and extra strength carpet spot remover to see if I could mitigate the damage.  After three spot treatments and about an hour's worth of time, you can't even tell it happened!

I thought I might share a few photos to document our progress.  Pay particular attention to the beautiful mosaic of colorful flooring we currently have in our basement.  I am growing more and more attached to it each day because it gives our house its own personality:

Dining Room on closing day.  Water damaged carpet removed and new subfloor already installed.

The pretty in pink bathroom on closing day
Our original "drive-in, back-out" kitchen with new subfloor on closing day.

The office: paneling and burnt orange carpet soon-to-be drywall and new carpet!

Our "tiger" carpet in the basement family room.  Looks as good as the day it was installed in 1968.

Floral design shag in the basement bedroom.  Lots of color combinations for decorating.

Yellow-green shag in basement bathroom.  Warm and comfortable on the feet!

Kitchen with plaster/drywall and cabinetry removed plus new flooring underlayment installed. Imagine the 6' eating bar and new chestnut stained oak cabinets!

Living Room drop zone looking into the dining room/kitchen
 For those of you who have taken on a remodeling project, I salute you.  The value it adds to your home and your personal life is a good investment in today's market.  Tim and I have learned a lot about each other during our short stint so far as husband and wife.  He's particularly impressed that I actually do know a little bit about houses and construction (considering I'm a real estate agent that sells houses rather than builds them), and I'm in love with the fact that he can tackle almost any project and figure out how to get it done on a budget.  Stay tuned for next week's post about the interesting ice sculptures that form when your gutters leak and the water refreezes in the bushes that sit underneath them!  Welcome Home!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sentimental Value

Well, I officially SOLD the first home that I ever had the privilege of owning today.  It was a bittersweet moment as I handed over the keys to my big brother so he and his future wife and her little boy can start their new life together there.  The reality didn't really sink in until this past Sunday as my husband and I were moving the last of my things.  We were standing in the kitchen and he gave me a big hug and said, "I know how much you love this house.  I love this house."  It hadn't even dawned on me that so much sentiment could be contained in one little house.  There is much more to it than just the financial value.  We reminisced about our first date, the first kiss on the front porch, and the time I used gasoline to start the charcoal briquets on the grill and nearly burned the whole house down.  We had a good laugh about our friend that stumbled in the bathroom and put his head through the wall (that one tested my drywall skills) as well as the time my neighbors blackened my mailbox post with a fireworks display and then blamed it on somebody else.  We also talked about all of our little home "improvement" projects that tested our relationship from the very beginning and my housewarming party that took place over 6 1/2 years ago (long before I even knew Tim).  That house provided warmth, comfort, shelter, and oh so many wonderful memories.  As the saying goes, "if only those walls could talk..."  It was more than just a house, it was a home. 

I haven't had much time in the last two months to reflect on all of the good things that came out of that house.  All I can say is that it is in good hands.  It is time for someone else to make that house their home.  My only hope is that my brother and his family get as much enjoyment out of it and create as many memories as I am taking with me.  And, I look forward to being a part of the memories they make there.  Congratulations Tom, Sandra, and Anthony!  Welcome Home.