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Welcome Home.

Friday, July 19, 2013

I'm Baaaaaack!

Well, it's been almost a solid three months since I've been able to post anything.  I bet most of you know why...there is a sweet little boy who consumes all of my free time these days, and I just can't get enough of him!  Am I still selling real estate?  You bet!  I was back in the office just two weeks after the little guy was born.  In my last post, I told you we would hit the ground running!  The new joke here at the office is that I need to keep having kids because we have never been so busy as those few weeks I was gone for maternity leave!  So, watch out Wayne!  When the announcement for the next baby Peters comes, things are going to get wild and crazy with the real estate market!  In the meantime, Logan has been getting an early start to his real estate career by helping mommy at the office here and there, listening in on important phone calls, and pounding out e-mail messages as only a 10 week old can (sorry for the typos if you happen to get one.  He's just learning how to type.)  Thanks to all for bearing with us during this special time, particularly my coworkers.  (Although, I don't think they mind when the little guy is in for a visit!)  We muddled through a few days just on the brink of consciousness as we adjusted to those midnight feedings, but we are getting a routine down as I continue to adapt to parenthood.  Thanks for all the support!

But enough about me, let's talk real estate.  The weather is HOT and the market is moving quickly.  Housing inventory hasn't been sticking around long these days, so here's some advice for those of you looking to purchase a home before the snow flies:

1.  Get prequalified for a loan NOW!  In situations where multiple buyers are looking at homes and making offers, those with prequalification letters are considered more serious than those who haven't even spoken to their lender.  When it comes right down to it, sellers want you to show them the money (or at least that you have access to it).  This doesn't mean you have to lock in an interest rate and apply for a loan, you simply have to do some preliminary leg work to get a general idea of what you can afford.

2.  If you haven't spoken to a REALTOR, do so.  Keeping an eye on the local paper and websites is helpful, but some properties are selling before they even make it to an advertisement.  If you have your name on the mailing list, you won't miss a thing.  E-mail is also a great way to stay in touch!

3.  Be proactive.  If you are unsure about what type of house interests you the most, look at a few in person or online to determine the features you can't live without.  Make a list of everything your "dream home" would possess, then narrow that list to 3 or 4 things that any home must have.

4.  Look at the big picture.  Ultimately, your goal is to buy a home.  A lot of times we get hung up on minor details like paint color, carpet stains, or cosmetic imperfections at a home.  Try to look past those items to see the true potential a home holds for you.  If you have trouble visualizing, ask your agent, a relative or close friend for their advice and expertise in regard to what can be done to solve the problem.  A different perspective can make a big difference.

5.  Be prepared.  Things happen when you least expect them, so don't get caught off guard.  Stay in contact with your lender and REALTOR even when nothing interests you on the market.  If you currently own a home, ask your REALTOR to perform a market analysis to determine its value and give you advice about preparing the home to sell.  Making an offer tied to a contingency to sell your current home can often make a contract look less attractive.  Being able to tell a seller that you are ready for a quick sale might improve your odds of acceptance.  I am more than happy to give you an idea of your home's value in today's market.

6.  Don't get discouraged.  The real estate market is always changing and evolving.  Even though some homes are here today and gone tomorrow, it simply means that something better is waiting for you the next time around.  Keep looking and stay in touch with your agent to make sure you have the latest information.

Give me a call at (402) 375-1477 or e-mail if you are in the market to buy or sell this summer.  I look forward to working with you in the days and weeks ahead!  Welcome Home.