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Welcome Home.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year...New Home!

Many things have changed since my post last week.  My husband, Tim, and I are the proud new owners of a home in Wisner, Nebraska as of December 30, 2011.  We finally have a place to call "ours" rather than "yours" or "mine."  It even came with a tower which rivals the tallest building in town next to the leg on the grain elevator.  Our magnificent tower holds what I'm claiming to be the tallest TV antenna in town. We soon learned that there was a reason behind it because of the absolute lack of any sort of reception or contact with the outside world while standing inside the house.  With a little ingenuity, Tim was able to rig up the antenna to our 13-inch TV so the guys could at least watch the Nebraska bowl game while working yesterday.  Owning a home together is a wonderful feeling, albeit rather scary for us as we are undertaking our first home improvement projects as husband and wife.  We did agree to close despite the water damage on the condition that the sellers would have to keep some money in escrow until the insurance had settled.  At least we are sharing the risk of loss with everything that needs to be done.

This past weekend was designated in my mind as "moving weekend."  Essentially, we would get everything prepared to move into our basement.  I have been dodging packed boxes at my home in Wayne for nearly a month and a half, so I was ready to get things loaded up and moved out!  Friday, part of Saturday and most of Sunday were spent scrubbing, cleaning, and removing damaged ceiling tiles.  We also met with a few contractors to discuss some needs with the electrical, plumbing, etc.  The water damage that the sellers experienced prior to closing quickly began adding up into some additional projects that are somewhat related, but not entirely.  We figured so long as the main floor was in disarray, we might as well take on a couple of other needed improvements.  So, we are considering new windows to replace those that are leaking air and water as well as a kitchen remodel.  I'm not sure if this is what we signed up for as newlyweds, but we are going to test the marriage vows out right away!

I mentioned earlier that this weekend was my proclaimed "moving weekend."  Not everybody else was on the same page.  It was actually "moving-tear-out-a-kitchen-deal-with-leaky-pipes-remove-hideous-wall-paneling-knock-out-damaged-drywall-troubleshoot-internet-problems-scrub-the-basement-from-top-to-bottom weekend."  We even squeezed in a New Year and helped my family sort and ship hogs in between.  Needless to say, we were both ready to go back to work this morning to regroup and reenergize.  We certainly made progress, and at least we got a bed moved to sleep in last night because we were exhausted!

On to this week and the many new things that lie before us.  So far this morning, I have spoken to the cable/internet company, an electrician, a new cell phone provider, the appliance store, the window contractor, and the post office.  Moving is tough!  I can empathize with all of you who have been through this before.  It is all worth it in the long run, though.  Just waking up next to my husband this morning in "OUR" home was all I needed to remember the good things about my life and my work.  Welcome home!

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