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Welcome Home.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Keep it Simple

Many sellers in today's market are getting caught up in the real estate TV shows and listening to everything the high profile Los Angeles agents have to say about getting a home sold.  Guess what?  We aren't in L.A.!  This is Wayne, Nebraska, and experience has taught me that the most important thing to getting your home sold these days're not going to believe this...having a CLEAN home!  And when I say clean, I mean CLEAN.  Your home should be so clean that you can smell it when you walk in the front door.  And if you can't smell the clean, ask your best friend to come over and tell you whether or not it smells clean.

The carpets should be vacuumed and free of pet hair, the curtains should be washed and pressed, the light fixtures should be sparkling (and have all burned out light bulbs replaced), and the hard surface floors should be mopped.  Many of us have little time to wash windows, but if you intend to sell your house, I strongly recommend washing the windows, mirrors, light switch covers and door knobs. Don't forget to dust the baseboards and trim in your home and wash any walls that have fingerprints or marks in high traffic areas. 

The reason I bring this up is because I was visiting with someone who had been in the home my husband and I purchased prior to our remodeling projects.  That person made a comment about being able to tell it had not been lived in for a few years due to the dead bugs on the window sills, the cobwebs in the corners and the dust on countertops.  It was a huge turnoff for her.  What really caught my attention was when she looked in our main floor bathroom, which was not remodeled or even painted yet.  A new floor has been installed and it has been cleaned from top to bottom (it even had the same mauve flowered curtains).  This person insisted that the vanity and tub were new because they didn't look the same as before.  They were CLEAN!

This is an item of huge importance when it comes to selling a home.  In fact, the number one comment that I get from buyers is how clean or dirty they perceive a house to be.  Why leave something like that to chance?  A few hours with a vacuum and a date with Mr. Clean can make a big difference!

Nonetheless, if you feel like your old drapes date your home, consider purchasing some long flowing sheers at your local discount store.  I recently picked up a very modern set for my picture window for a grand total of $15 on clearance.  Consider putting a new rug at the front door to welcome people into your home (and to give them a place to kick off shoes before walking on your CLEAN floors), or buy a few throw pillows and a couch cover to hide that small tear in the cushion.  You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to make your home look like a million bucks. Welcome Home!

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