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Welcome Home.

Friday, September 7, 2012

"You're no bother at all."

I am always astounded by the number of clients and customers who say goodbye each time they leave my office or an appointment by saying, "I bet you'll be glad when you don't have to deal with us anymore." Another standard goodbye when a transaction closes is, "Aren't you happy that we won't be bothering you everyday?"  And I always answer, "You're no bother at all."  The truth of the matter is that I enjoy it when people come into the office to "bother" me.  If I'm not getting phone calls or drop-ins, I'm not doing my job.  And if I'm not doing my job, I'm not learning how to make things go more smoothly for the next person that walks through the door.  I don't want anybody out there to forget what I am here for and that is to make your day a little bit easier by bearing the weight of the good, the bad, and the ugly of your home sale or purchase. 

The second truth of the matter is that there is something to be said about being able to close a difficult home sale versus an "easy" home sale.  A sense of accomplishment accompanies a closing that requires hours of additional time and patience throughout the process because of a fly-by-night lender, an inefficient government agency, a home inspection filled with bad news, or a botched communication somewhere along the lines.  In fact, that is why you should strongly consider having a REALTOR® help you through any home sale or purchase.  My job is make things work out for all of the parties involved, and my experiences have taught me that no sale, closing, or negotiation is impossible.  It just might seem like it at the time.  I used to get really worked up when something didn't go according to plan.  In most cases, the things that we want to happen in perfect order are completely out of our control.  A multitude of puzzle pieces have to fall together in order to make a closing happen.  If things don't work out according to plan, the best we can do is evaluate the situation and head towards Plan B.  The combined knowledge from all of my real estate experiences is designed to help you and me make wise decisions about buying and selling homes.  This knowledge also makes everything go better the next time around when someone else faces the same problem (and I guarantee that you are not alone in your mission to buy or sell under difficult circumstances.  Someone out there will benefit from the expertise gained from your transaction). 

So, please, stop in anytime.  Bother me.  I'll be glad you did.  Welcome Home.

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