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Welcome Home.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The "Company" Towels

I was reorganizing my linen closet the other day, and I found myself sifting through the sets of towels that I never use because they have been officially designated as the "company" towels.  I'm not sure why these towels were ceremoniously designated as only being worthy of use when I have company over.  Quite frankly, I have company over that warrants use of the "company" towels about once a year!  As you know, family doesn't count as company and close friends do not count as company.  They get to see the faded old shreds that I use daily.  So why is it that I save these two or three special sets for a 3-4 hour debut every 12 months?  And why do I slap the hand of anybody who doesn't fall into the "company" category who tries to dig down to the bottom of the linen closet to use them?  I rush to the bathroom as soon as the special company leaves to replace them on the towel rack with the daily use towels, and I'm really not sure who/what I'm saving them for!  If I'm like my mother, I will have a set that I absolutely never used because they were just "too nice" for us kids to get our grubby paws on.  That set ended up finding it's way to my house when I moved in 5 years ago because she thought that I would get more "company" in town than they did on the farm.  Low and behold, those towels are still sitting unused at the bottom of my linen closet.  Beware people! If you are coming over soon, those towels will be on display!  But don't touch, because they are only for "company!"

My advice to anybody that is dearly hanging on to the company towels is to let the kids and your other family members use them.  These are really nice towels, and the bottom shelf of your closet should not be wrapped in the plush softness that you could be experiencing daily.  Don't save them for the people you rarely see or your real estate agent!  I'm going to start letting the people that matter most to me use the really nice towels.  Welcome Home!

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