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Welcome Home.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SOLD! 508 West 7th Street

It has been a busy first half of the year for the new owners of 508 West 7th Street.  I first started working with Jordan and Cassandra in January.  Their first child was on the way, and I could feel their excitement for owning a large home where their family could grow.  They shared a variety of plans at each home we viewed, but they made it no secret that 508 West 7th was the place that they had been searching for the minute we walked through the door.  They talked about how the large backyard was going to make a great place for their new baby girl to play in years to come, and they made plans for each room in the house.  Every time I saw them prior to closing, Jordan jokingly threatened to put the checkbook under lock and key to prevent a spending spree on new paint, carpeting, etc.  Cassandra is excited about refurbishing the interior of the home, and Jordan can't wait to bring in the heavy equipment to give the exterior a facelift.  It has been a fun experience working with this young couple as they continue to make Wayne their permanent home.  Welcome home, Widners!

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